The Re'Nique Journey

At ten years old, LaToya was eager to write a play for her 5th-grade peers. She never imagined being a published author or publisher for other authors. LaToya continued to write in middle school.

Her 10th-grade English teacher greatly influenced her creative writing skills. She began to write fictional chapter books. Her peers enjoyed her writing style. LaToya recalls her friends passing chapters to one another and meeting her at her locker for a new chapter. Her mother, the late Romunda Owens, loved her writing as well.

At the start of her junior year of college at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, LaToya had written 36 chapter books. In 2014 while battling depression and grief, LaToya wrote “The Recipe Of A Godly Woman.” She published the book in 2018.

LaToya traveled to Alabama, Illinois, and throughout Arkansas, hosting book signings and attending events. Her love for writing never stopped. She kept writing but started to ask questions. Trying out the answers to her questions led to her establishing “Re’Nique Publishing” as her brand. The brand became a business in 2021. In 2022 Re’Nique Publishing helped three individuals become published authors. LaToya now has 20 published books. She is still writing.

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Meet Our Authors

"Thank you for trusting me with your vision."

-Dr. LaToya C. Geter

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Mike Lee

"Life With Mikey Series"

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"Cocoa's and Hazel's Vitiligo Superpowers"

Clarissa Alderman, LPC

"Chloe Goes To Counseling"

Krystal Evans

"Pageant The Pain Away"

Write. Give Back. Author Life.

The Betty and Romunda Herman Foundation is the official charity for Re'Nique Publishing and Author LaToya Geter.

Betty Williams and Romunda Owens, the late grandmother and mother of LaToya Geter, shared the surname of Herman. Romunda was a Pre-K educator in the Little Rock School District for 20-plus years until retirement. Betty Williams volunteered in Romunda's classroom and LaToya's classes.

LaToya chose to establish the Betty and Romunda Herman Foundation to assist with the educational and social development of pre-kindergarten students.

The partner class is Ms. Crystal Owens' Pre-K Class at Booker T. Washington School in Little Rock.